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About Underpin

Mental performance coaching for Elite Amateur & Professional Golfers

We work closely with ambitious elite amateur and professional golfers, helping them to develop the mental strength and resilience needed to succeed at the highest levels of the sport.

Why Underpin?

Unlock your potential

Our philosophy is centred around coaching through experience, unlocking people’s potential and creating higher levels of performance.

Through our own calm, assured and flexible style we are able to work beneath the surface, challenging players to learn and understand how to get the best out of themselves and their game.

We combine our own unique skills and experience with world renowned coaching models which have decades of proven success at the highest levels of sport. Our goal is to help players to score as well as possible, have the best experience while competing and learn something valuable while playing.

To achieve higher levels of performance we can help bring focus and development to areas such as:

  • Daily mental habits, routines and behaviours
  • Stronger self-confidence and positive core beliefs
  • Competitive emotional awareness & anxiety control
  • Mindfulness practice to create calmer performing state

“The key to our approach is creating a relationship of trust where individuals are comfortable to share their experiences, thoughts, feelings and the internal relationship with themselves. This allows us to help them become more self-aware and more equipped to manage themselves and their emotions when competing at the highest levels. Our goal is to enable them to become calmer and more focused in competitive environments and allow their best performances to come through. Ultimately creating higher performing, mentally healthier human beings."

Greg Robertson, Underpin founder & Mental Performance Coach.

Meet the players

We work with outstanding and highly ambitious golfing talents. Meet some of them here...


  • "I’m really excited to continue my work with Underpin. I’ve worked with Greg since June 2022 and noticed a huge difference on and off the golf course."
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  • "Really enjoyed working with Greg since the start of the year, covered some really key areas that have enabled me to be a lot more positive and relaxed on the course no matter the performance. This has then had a knock on effect on my mind frame off course and being able to be much more in control of my emotions. Looking forward to future work with Underpin."
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Frederik Kjettrup – 2023 Denmark National Team & Florida State University – Coaching sponsor – Underpin Academy

  • “I’m super excited to be working with Underpin. Greg has taken time to understand me as a person and my mental game. I believe our work together can help lift my performance to the next level”


  • "The work I've done with Underpin has been incredible. Greg and I have worked very hard around the idea of acceptance. It's really helped me to play golf in a more relaxed free state of mind and in turn has made for improved and consistent performance."
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Amy Staveley – 2023 Yorkshire & England Golf – Coaching sponsor – Underpin Academy

  • “Thank you so much for the support I receive from Underpin. It is so helpful and I am learning a lot about myself during my coaching sessions with Greg. I’m looking forward to what the future holds.”

Jordan Clements – 2023 Clutch Mizuno Next Gen Tour – coaching sponsor – Underpin Academy

  • “Being with Underpin has massively changed my outlook and myself as a person and I can’t thank Greg enough for it. I can’t wait to make even more strides in the future.”

Scott Gregory – 2023 Clutch Mizuno Next Gen Tour

McKenzie Lewis – 2023 England Golf – Coaching Sponsor – Underpin Academy

  • “I really appreciate the support I receive from Underpin. Learning more about mental performance within the game of golf will only develop me further as a player. Looking forward to seeing what the future holds”


  • "I’m very excited to begin working with underpin, and delve into a different aspect of the game that can hopefully boost my performance on and off the course, I’m excited to see what the future holds."
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A corporate relationship with Underpin delivers a range of ways to help your business engage with existing clients, reach new ones, expand your network, improve performance, share fun experiences and gain an insight into the elite levels of golf. Becoming an Academy Sponsor or Underpin 72 Club Member will provide access to exciting benefits such as:

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We are Underpin

Greg Robertson

Founder & Mental Performance Coach

Greg is primarily responsible for coaching, mentoring and developing Underpin’s players and the strategy for growing this area of the business.

He is also CEO of financial planning and wealth firm Robertson Baxter, which he co-founded in 2007 and where he was instrumental in introducing a strong coaching culture.

Greg has over 25 years of combined experience of advising, mentoring and coaching individuals. He is qualified to Level 5 in Effective Coaching and Mentoring via the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) and is also a qualified NLP, mindfulness and meditation practitioner. He has a passion and natural skill for empowering others to grow, helping them to become their best selves and ultimately achieve higher levels of performance.

Greg plays off 3 at Huddersfield Golf Club

Deana Rushworth

Mental Performance Coach

Deana is working with Underpin to provide mental performance coaching to players as we continue to grow the number of elite amateur and professionals we coach and mentor.

Having represented England for 7 years and being a professional golfer herself Deana brings a huge amount of experience in the mental elements of the game and is very passionate about helping us to develop this area in our players.

Deana is an Advanced PGA Professional and is one of only a handful of PGA Professionals in the UK who is a PSYCH-K(r) Facilitator, Master Mind Factor Coach and Mindfulness Practitioner.

Deana is based at Witney Lakes Golf Club, Oxfordshire. 

Stewart Clough

Commercial Director

Stewart is responsible for the management of our existing corporate clients and the continued development and growth of our partner network. He trained as an accountant but has spent most of his career in business development and general management roles in Europe and Asia. From October 2022 he will also hold the position of Commercial Director at Lindenmeyr International and for the last 12 years has worked across multiple geographies building and managing business units for some of the world's largest print and packaging businesses.

He is a huge advocate of coaching and mentoring and has always ensured his senior leadership teams and himself have access to performance coaching and mentoring which is where his relationship with Underpin began as a corporate partner.

Stewart plays off 6 At Northcliffe Golf Club

Sean Jarvis

Non Executive Director

Sean was born and raised in Leicester and has a huge passion for sport and business. He will take up his new position for underpin in January 2023.

A commercial and community specialist within sport, Sean has 25 years of experience at an executive level within professional sport clubs, including in the Premier League with Huddersfield Town, the Football League with Oldham Athletic, and the launch of Super League. He is currently CEO of Leicestershire County Cricket Club.

Sean has had tremendous success in building corporate partnerships and networks around sport and brings a wealth of experience to Underpin. He will provide strategic and commercial planning and help grow our existing network of Corporate Partnerships.

Sean plays off 11 at Halifax West End Golf Club

Matt Brown

Corporate Development Consultant

Matt’s focus is to help source and manage future Corporate Partnerships for Underpin.

He has over 20 years sales experience dealing with a diverse range of clients from individual entrepreneurs to major blue chip organisations. He has held positions in senior national account management and has more recently been Sales Director for a major manufacturer and importer in the bathroom industry.

Matt brings excellent account management and relationship skills and will play a key role at Underpin helping to bring diversity and growth to the Corporate Partner network.

Matt plays off 19 at Northcliffe Golf Club.

Joanne Shaw

Executive Assistant

Jo has responsibility for planning Underpin’s events and assisting the Directors with scheduling, travel arrangements and co-ordinating PR/marketing support.

She brings 20 years of progressive experience in various sectors including global technology and marketing. Jo is highly organised and helps to balance the needs of the team in both professional and personal capacities. Jo always brings a positive attitude to everything she does and has a natural ability to develop strong relationships which is at the heart of Underpins approach.

Jo is not a golfer (yet!) but as an ex professional dancer herself, the wife of an avid golfer and the Mother of a professional footballer, she understands the mindset and dedication needed to become a top level, elite sportsperson. Jo enjoys keeping fit, socialising and attending as many of her son’s football games as possible.